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Saturday, September 1, 2012

New Facebook Page

     I've started a new Facebook Page called Angraecums.  I hope to have it running in conjunction with this blog.  It will eventually give everyone a quicker update to changes and additional posts here at 
     As I have said early on in the beginning of this blog, I would start to post on other orchid genera in the blog.  I am currently working on several posts that should be up by the end of September.  I will continue to concentrate on Angraecums, these being a very strong passion.

     The Facebook address is , click on this link and it should take you directly to the page.  If it doesn't, cut and paste the site to your address bar.  Thank you everyone to date for your participation. 

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  1. Hi Tom ! Great program you gave last night ! I learned a lot, and it is really rare to hear anyone give a talk on Angraecums these days. There are so few vendors left who want to grow something in this group, and even fewer speakers. Nice job ! I look forward to getting back into growing them, and getting them on display here at Pinecrest Gardens.

    Craig Morell
    Pinecrest Gardens


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