Angraecum leonis

West Palm Beach Judging Center (WPBJC) Gallery 2016

       The images posted on this page are the official award images or secondary images taken of awarded plants created for the American Orchid Society (AOS).  These award images are of the blooms and/or the plants the WPBJC has deemed worthy of an AOS award.  Since November of 2013, I have been the official photographer for the Judging Center.  Not all of the award orchids are here; but what images are posted are the blooms and/or plants that I took a special liking to.  (The newest images are those at the top of the page; older images will be towards the bottom of the page.)  Enjoy the images!

Vanda Fuchs Blue 'Redland Sky'   FCC/AOS   12/2016

PROVISIONAL (Rlc. Sun Spots X B. nodosa) 'Debbie Dicks'  HCC/AOS   11/2016

Cattleya Johnette Bowers 'Odom's Orchids'   AM/AOS   11/2016

Cycnodes Taiwan Gold             AM/AOS   11/2016

Aeridovanda Crownfox Raspberry 'Crownfox'   AM/AOS   11/2016

Vanda Memoria Tom Sheehan 'Crownfox'   AM/AOS   11/2016

Vanda sanderiana 'Athena'   AM/AOS   11/2016

Fredclarkeara After Dark 'Sofia'   HCC/AOS   10/2016
Clowesetum Marshall Margolis 'Caroline'   AM/AOS   10/2016

Bulbophyllum Manchind 'Krull Smith'   AM/AOS   10/2016

 Paphiopedilum Emerald Lake 'Springwater'   AM/AOS   10/2016
 Brassolaeliocattleya Yen Surprise 'Seiko'   AM/AOS   10/2016

Vanda luzonica 'Helen Rivenback'   AM/AOS   10/2016

Prosavola Green Hearts 'Springwater Emerald'   AM/AOS   10/2016

Catasetum Kleberbarb 'Curtis's Princess'   AM/AOS   9/2016

 Dendrobium Jaquelyn Concert 'Red Dragon'   AM/AOS   9/2016

Catasetum Jamie Lawson XOXO 'Crystelle'   AM/AOS   9/2016

 Catasetum Dentibarb 'Carola'   AM/AOS   9/2016

Catasetum Dark Odyssey 'Pipita'   HCC/AOS   9/2016

Catasetum Richard Fulford 'Nicola Two'   AM/AOS   9/2016

 Aerides lawrenceae 'Crownfox Big Boy'   AM/AOS

 Vanda Ben's Delight 'Andrej'   HCC/AOS   9/2016

Trichocentrum Ollie Palmer 'Crownfox Ocelot'   AM/AOS   7/2016

 Catasetum Daniela Isabel 'Dankin'   HCC/AOS   7/2016

Catasetum Daniela Isabel 'Carola'   HCC/AOS   7/2016

Rhychostylis retusa 'Crownfox Delicado'   AM/AOS   6/2016

Broughtonia sanguinea v. aurea 'Marta'   AM/AOS   6/2016

Clowesetum Sandy Krasner 'Bonnie'   HCC/AOS   6/2016

 Clowesetum Sandy Krasner 'Benttree'   AM/AOS   6/2016

 Phalaenopsis cornu-cervi 'Frances' Butterfly'   HCC/AOS   6/2016

Paphiopedilum Lady Rothschild 'Aphrodite'   AM/AOS   5/2016

 Cattleya intermedia f. coerulea 'Stelmar Gardens'   CCM/AOS   3/2016

Brassolaeliocattleya Fuchs Orange Nugget 'Lea'   AM/AOS   3/2016

 Cattleya Dennis Pavlock 'Benttree'   AM/AOS   3/2016

 Paphiopedilum hirsutissimum 'Springwater Flamingo'   AM/AOS   3/2016

Dendrobium Yellow Paney 'March'   AM/AOS   3/2016

 Trias Emily Clarkson 'Erika Barbara Smith'   AM/AOS   3/2016

Vanda Redland Black Magic 'Oxblood'   AM/AOS   3/2016

 Cattleya Day Tripper 'Ticket to Ride'   AM/AOS   3/2016

 Epidendrum stamfordianum 'Crownfox Pink Topaz'   AM/AOS   3/2016

 Rhyncholaeliocattleya Apricot Sands 'Red Hawk'   HCC/AOS   3/2016

Paphiopedilum Memoria Li-Ai Chen Ting 'Sherry's Baby'   AM/AOS   3/2016 

 Cattleya Rosa de Corrientes 'Tony Millet'   AM/AOS   2/2016

Lycaste Shonan Melody 'Krull Smith'   AM/AOS   2/2016

Rhyncholaeliocattleya Paradise Ruby 'Sweetie'   AM/AOS   2/2016

Paphiopedilum Vintage Venus 'Spring Water<Emerald>'   AM/AOS   2/2016

Rhyncholaeliocattleya Truandot 'Octavia'   HCC/AOS   2/2016

Paphiopedilum Hilo Lipstick 'Christie'   AM/AOS   1/2016

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