Angraecum leonis

West Palm Beach Judging Center (WPBJC) Gallery 11/2013 - 2015

       The images posted on this page are the official award images or secondary images taken of awarded plants created for the American Orchid Society (AOS).  These award images are of the blooms and/or the plants the WPBJC has deemed worthy of an AOS award.  Since November of 2013, I have been the official photographer for the Judging Center.  Not all of the award orchids are here; but what images are posted are the blooms and/or plants that I took a special liking to.  (The newest images are those at the top of the page; older images will be towards the bottom of the page.)  Enjoy the images!

 Fredclarkeara After Dark 'Red Hawk'   FCC/AOS   12/2015

 Encyclia boothiana 'Tom's Image of Lucille'   CCE/AOS   11/2015

 Fredclarkeara Dark There After 'Mark's Black Rose'   HCC/AOS   10/2015

 Angraecum Longidale 'Benttree'   AM/AOS   10/2015

 Dendrobium phalaenopsis v. alba 'Jumbo'   AM/AOS   10/2015

Vanda Somthawil 'Rio's'   AM/AOS   10/2015

 Vanvanda Crownfox Odyssey 'Angela's Green Giant'   AM/AOS   10/2015

Lysudamuloa Red Jewel 'Springwater'   AM/AOS   10/2015

Huntleya wallisii 'Red Hawk'   HCC/AOS   10/2015

Catasetum Sylvia Soloff Beightol 'Mark's Yellow Birds'   HCC/AOS   9/2105

Clowesetum Marshall Margolis 'Mark's Chocolate Cherry'   AM/AOS   9/2015

 Clowesetum Marshall Margolis 'Mark's Green Chocolate'   AM/AOS   9/2015

Clowesetum Marshall Margolis 'Grandpa Jim'   HCC/AOS   9/2015 

 Stanhopea Ronsard 'Walker Pearce Weatherford'   AM/AOS   8/2015

 Miltonia moreliana 'Francisco Miranda'   FCC/AOS   8/2015

Vanda Suksamram Spots 'Connect the Dots'   AM/AOS   8/2015

 Clowesetum Sandy Kasner #7 'Mark's Purple Stripe'   AM/AOS   7/2015

 Clowesetum Sandy Kasner 'Mark's White Stripe'   AM/AOS   7/2015

 Catasetum Doris' Choice 'Mark's Choice'   HCC/AOS   7/2015

 Myrmecavola Aruba's Spotted Beauty 'Silver Stirrup Stars'   AM/AOS   6/2015

Rhyrcholaelia digbyana 'Two Moons'   FCC/AOS   5/2015

 Bromecanthe Jamaica Fire 'Crown Fox'   AM/AOS   5/2015

Cattlianthe Omar Gonzale X (10th) 'Smartie'   HCC/AOS   5/2015

Cattleya Memoria Frank McNally   AM/AOS   4/2015 

 Vanda Adelaide Skoglund 'Bill's Delight'   AM/AOS   4/2015

 Brassavola tuberculata 'Norm Dodler'   AM/AOS   4/2015

 Maxillaria tenuifolia 'Popper'   CCM/AOS   4/2015

Renantanda Hew Mun 'Korat's Best'   FCC/AOS   4/2015

Paphiopedilum Krull's Lady 'Krull Smith'   CCM/AOS   4/2015

 Paraphalaenopsis labukensis 'Springwater'   AM/AOS   4/2015

Aerangis luteo-alba var. rhodosticta 'Maria Luisa'   HCC/AOS   4/2015

 Paphiopedilum Hsinying Lady Duck 'Springwater'   AM/AOS   4/2015

 Paphiopedilum Anni Fuchs 'Springwater'   HCC/AOS   4/2015

 Paphiopedilum Poulsbo 'Krull Smith'   HCC/AOS   4/2015

 Paphiopedilum Max & Celias's Wedding Incharm 'Ken's Puddle Chid'   CCM/AM/AOS   3/2015

 Aeridovanda Tzeng-Wen Happy 'Kathy Chandler'   AM/AOS   3/2015

 Vanda Trevor Rathbone 'Passion'   AM/AOS   3/2015

 Dendrobium Spring Bird 'Karashiki'   CCM/AOS   2/2015

Phalaenopsis Jiuhbao Fairy 'Diana'   AM/AOS   2/2015

 Phalaenopsis Dendi's Treasure 'Krull Smith'   AM/AOS   2/2015

 Sophrolaeliocattleya Jamie Hollingsworth 'Sunbulb'   CCM/HCC/AOS   2/2015

 Phalaenopsis schilleriana 'Krull Smith'   AM/AOS   2/2015

Dendrobium Candy Stripe 'Odom's Delight'   AM/AOS   2/2015

Rhynchostylis gigantea 'Raspberry Chips'   FCC/AOS   1/2015

Rodrumnia Orchidon Dancer 'Pink Parfait'   HCC/AOS   1/2015

 PROVISIONAL (Blc. Susan Harry X Blc. Sylvia Hill) 'Memoria Brian Susskind'   HCC/AOS   1/2015

 Clowesetum Manny Tavarez 'Caroline's Thirteenth Birthday'   HCC/AOS   11/2014

 Clowesetum Manny Tavarez 'Nadia Tavarez'   HCC/AOS   11/2014

PROVISIONAL (V. Doctor Anek X V. tessellata) 'Crownfox'   AM/AOS   11/2014

 Cycnodes Jumbo Jewel 'Inge Ruecker'   HCC/AOS   11/2014

Catasetum  Doris's Choice 'Mark's Green Gold'   HCC/AOS   8/2014

 Catasetum Nicolasa Tabarez 'Happy Birthday Nicolasa'   AM/AOS   8/2014

Aeridovanda Memoria Lillian Arnold 'Joyce Yamron'   AM/AOS   7/2014

 Phalaenopsis Samera 'Anthony'   AM/AOS   7/2014

 Clowesetum JEM'S Speckled Russ 'Carolina Nicole Margolis'   HCC/AOS   7/2014

Clowesetum Mark Margolis 'Mark's Purple Mustard'   AM/AOS   7/2014

 Rhynchostylis coelestis 'Crownfox Fuchsia'   HCC/AOS   7/2014

 Paravanda Joanne Lalli 'Crownfox'   AM/AOS   7/2014

 Rhynchostylis coelestis   AQ/AOS   7/2014

Rhynchostylis coelestis 'Crownfox Sweetheart'   AM/AOS   7/2014

 Oncidesa Kaley Saludares 'Belle Glade'   HCC/AOS   6/2014

 Clowesetum Mark Margolis 'Caroline's Anna Frozen'   AM/AOS   6/2014

 Phalaenopsis Yaphon Evergreen 'Yaphon'   HCC/AOS   6/2014

 Oncidium Speckled Spire 'IBIS'   AM/AOS   6/2014

 Bulbophyllum Khoon Meng 'Crownfox'   AM/AOS   6/2014

Clowesetum Sandy Kasner 'Mark's Lime Rickey'   AM/AOS   6/2014

Clowesetum Sandy Kasner 'Sofia's Purple Passion'   AM/AOS   6/2014
 Aerides houlletiana 'Kathy Chandler'   AM/AOS   5/2015

 Laeliocattleya Lystra 'Fedora'   AM/AOS   5/2014

 Vanda Frances Lindner 'Nancy Ginocchio'   HCC/AOS   5/2014

 Renanopsis Lion's Splendor 'Justice'   HCC/AOS   5/2014

Vanda Somthawil 'Crown Fox'   AM/AOS   4/2014

Vanda denisoniana   JC/AOS   4/2014

 Phalaenopsis Sogo Lit-Sunny 'Charlette Roman'   HCC/AOS   4/2014

Cattleya Nellie Cohen 'Irene Moreno'   CCM/AOS   4/2014

 Christieara Tom Coffey 'Lutu Coffey'   FCC/AOS   4/2014

 Renanthera citrina 'Crown Fox'   AM/AOS   4/2014

Vanda Alberta Rubio 'Midnight Delight'   AM/AOS   4/2014

 Vanda Tim Brooks 'Spotted Leopard'   AM/AOS   4/2014

 Phalaenopsis mannii 'Crystelle'   HCC/AOS   4/2014

 Phragmipedium Mariza Rolando 'Krull Smith'   FCC/AOS   4/2014

 Paph. Hsinying Web Pie X Paph. Hsinying Sceptre   (Provisional AM/AOS)   4/2014

Phragmipedium caricinum 'WS Antoinette'   HCC/AOS   4/2014

Cattleya nobilior 'Springwater'   AM/AOS   4/2014

 Stelis santiagoensis 'Red Hawk'   CCE/AOS & CBR   4/2014

Phalaenopsis Joy Spring Canary 'Yampon'   HCC/AOS   3/2014

Paphiopedilum Lady Isabel 'Tom's Mustache'   AM/AOS   3/2014

 Rhynchumnia Orchid Sprang 'Cassie Delight Merlin'   AM/AOS   2/2014

 Trias Emily Clarkson 'Anna Guillotte'   CCM/AOS   2/2014

 Cattleya luddemanniana 'Benttree'   AM/AOS   2/2014

 Phragmipedium Suzanne Decker 'Susanna'   AM/AOS   1/2014

 Tolumnia Alexandria 'Crown Fox'   AM/AOS   1/2014

 Phragmipedium Bright Spot 'Kathrine'   AM/AOS   1/2014

 Guaricattonia Anzac Jewel 'Orchis'   HCC/AOS   12/2013

Fredclarkeara After Dark 'Mark's Sunrise Surprise'   AM/AOS   11/2013

 Fredclarkeara After Dark 'Nicola'   HCC/AOS   11/2013

Vanda cuerlea 'Judy's Blue Delight'   HCC/AOS   12/2013

Paphiopedilum In-Charm Topaz 'Judy's Beauty'   AM/AOS   11/2013

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  1. These award images are of the blooms and/or the plants the WPBJC has deemed worthy of an AOS award.
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