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Sunday, August 9, 2015

Angraecum Symposium 2017 ?

Angraecum Crestwood

Sarah Waddoups, founder of the Angraecoid Alliance and Tom Kuligowski, creator of the Angraecums blog are currently looking into the possibility of putting together an Angraecoid Symposium.  This symposium would take place sometime between early 2017 and late spring of 2017.  Topics being discussed as possible subjects are “In-situ/Ex-situ Conservation”, “Hybridizing Angraecoids”, “Climate and Culture”, “Identification and Education” and “History Of”.  They are looking for their reader’s opinions, whether the readers would attend and ideas for other subjects to be covered.  Locations have been briefly discussed as well as possible speakers.  Please comment here and let them know your thoughts regarding an Angraecoid Symposium.


  1. I would absolutely be interested! I love following your blog even though I've been reading silently in the background.
    -Calvin Flickr

  2. Hi,

    I would be interested.



  3. Could you help me? I just got a didieri, but it looks that it is getting stem rot, growing quickly. The lower part seems ok. Should I cut the upper stem or is it gone already?

    1. Good day Johanna. Stem rot in Angcm didieri is usually fast and final. You can try to cut off the bad and be sure to treat with a fungicide. IF the plant survives, be sure to treat with a systemic fungicide every three to four weeks. To much water and not enough air movement is usually the culprit. Let me know how you fair.

  4. Would love it! Depends on what city though. Budget is tight.

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